About Me

UBC Mechanical Engineering | Formula UBC Aerodynamics

As a prospective engineer from a small island with a delicate ecosystem, my interests have always been a bit conflicted. Modern transportation and power generation have always inspired me, yet my love of plants and conservation cannot be understated. I have made it my goal to ensure that further advancement of society and technology will not come at the cost of the environment's wellbeing.

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Personal Projects

For me, "learning by doing" is the most effective way to gain both intuition and practical knowledge. To be completely honest, my main motivation for these projects is because I want to do them. I've written a number of articles to walk you through what I've learned in each project.



My obsession with plants has had a heavy influence on my interest in clean energy and environmentally sustainable technology. Given that it has always been a large aspect of my life, I felt it was appropriate to share.